Bow Types

Almost all types of bow are used at Scorton Archers, from Longbow to
Compound. For those keen to learn, here is a brief guide to the bows used:

bows have wheels and pulleys which lessen the force needed to hold the
bow at full-draw. They often have magnified scopes with spirit-levels
for aiming and represent probably the most mechanical and technical form
of archery.
is one of the most traditional forms of archery. Whilst the bows may be
made of various laminates of wood these days, longbow archers use no
sights, stabilisers or technical aids
is the most commonly-used type; beginners are trained using these and most archers continue to develop their shooting skills with recurve bows to reach the pinnacles of archery at the Olympic Games and World Championships.
The bow generally has a metal or wooden centre-section (riser) with flat limbs that, without the string attached, would curve forwards. These bows range in price from under £50 to over £1000.
“Barebow” is a stripped-down form of modern archery that features no sights, no stabilizer, no clicker and no markings on the bow to help you aim.