1. Wednesday 3rd October 2018
    Indoor Season
    First Indoor Session Wednesday 3rd Oct Risedale Sports & Community College Hipswell, Catterick Garrison, DL9 4BD 6.30 til 8.30pm Please be on time, all members will help setup the range before setting up there bows. This venue is bigger and better than Brompton as we can shoot the full 20 yards distance. The fee for indoors is still £3.00 seniors and £2.00 Juniors per night.
  2. Sunday 24th June 2018
    Captains Arrow
    This shoot is an unmarked Distance between 60-80 yards. Archers shoot 3 arrow ends for the Black spot. The length of the shoot is set by last years Captain. No Compound Archers!!!!!!!
  3. Sunday 15th July 2018
    The Tri-Club is held every year at St George's Archery Club in Harrogate. It is Competition between St George's Archery, Thirsk Bowmen and Scorton Archers.
  4. Sunday 19th August 2018
    Scorton Feast
    Scorton Feast is held every year in the village for three days in summer. The Club supports this event by putting on a FREE Have a Go. This is held the Sunday of the Feast between 2-4pm on the club field.
  5. Sunday 23rd September 2018
    Club Champinships
    This is the annual Club Shoot. The rounds shot on this day are a Long Western for seniors, Short Western for Novices and Junior Western for juniors.
  6. TBC
    The Bat Shoot
    This shoot takes place at dusk at a short distance and special target faces.